• Welcome to the Department of Student Services!


    Our department oversees the placement and programming of students ages 3-21 in the district who are eligible to receive special education services. The Long Beach School District is dedicated in providing a quality education for all students with disabilities through a continuum of services.  


    Our preschool department provides itinerant speech/language and special education services in a variety of locations, including Head Start, local preschools, and in our department.   


    Our special education teachers ensure that students with disabilities are educated with their non-disabled peers to the maximum extent possible.  We believe that all children can learn, even those with the most severe disabilities.  


    Please take a look at the Child Find link to learn how the referral process works if a disability is suspected.   The Parent Resources link lists helpful organizations and websites.  


    Thank you for visiting our webpage!  Please feel free to contact us at 864-8085 if you have any questions about our department!




    Susan Molesworth, Director

    Cheryl Wescovich, Administrative Assistant

    Kathleen Hodgins, District Child Find Coordinator/Case Manager

    Heather Yenawine, Positive Behavior Specialist/Psychometrist

    Deborah Marshall,  Visually Impaired Teacher/Psychometrist

    Amy Champagne, Preschool Case Manager/Speech Language Pathologist

    Margaret Nielsen, Preschool Teacher

Last Modified on June 29, 2017