Superintendent Dr. Talia Lock

a year ago

 On behalf of the Long Beach School District, welcome to the home of the bearcats!  As we embark upon the 2023-2024 school year, we will continue to build upon the phenomenal success of the teaching and learning that unfolds in our community every year through an ongoing adherence to our vision, " A System of Excellence."   With an unwavering commitment to build upon our great foundation, our school district and community reflect a coalition of stakeholders working together to further propel our students and schools to greatness.  With engaged parents and community members along with fully invested students and faculty members, our ongoing A rating stems from our shared vision in Long Beach.  Our "system" embodies our collaborative endeavors that place high value upon ongoing growth and continuous improvement.  Together,we will continue to achieve, to lead, and to excel as our students enter the workforce prepared for success at both the local and national levels.  


As a school community, we realize that education is a process that can only reach its fullest potential when all members work together.  Our ongoing collaboration in support of the students of the Long Beach School District has always been our strength wherein this exemplifies the greatness of our people.  


Let's make the 2023-2024 the best school year ever, and GO BEARCATS!


Your partner in education,

Dr. Talia Lock

Superintendent of Long Beach School District