LBMS Football

2 months ago

Jayme Hodge
LBMS Head Coach

Assistant Coach: Anthony VanCourt

Assistant Coach: Tims Quinn

Jayme Hodge

LBMS Football Head Coach

Anthony VanCourt

LBMS Assistant Coach


Please understand the importance of attending practice. Practice is crucial for coaches to teach and evaluate each player. When players don't show up for practice it demonstrates a lack of respect for the effort we as a team put into becoming better players, coaches, and people. When you don't attend practice it is as though we, the football team, are not as important to you as other things. We understand things will come up, but we also need to make a committment to be at every practice. Thanks, MS Football Staff

LBMS football

LBMS....Incoming 7th and 8th grade students that are interested in joining the LBMS football team. Parents, email Coach Hodge at