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Morning bus stops
  • Students should be at the bus stop before the bus arrives so that our drivers can see them as the bus approaches.
  • Never run after the bus or try to walk to a different bus stop if you are late for the bus.
  • please be patient as we are experiencing delays due to the utility project taking place in the middle of town
  • Our GPS units are currently having difficulty communicating with the cellular towers in our area. Our vendor is addressing this

Transportation Department Information

3 months ago

  • Welcome to the Long Beach School District Transportation Department    
       We take pride in transporting Long Beach students safely to and from school.  We try to help spread the word about Nathan's Law.  This very important legislation affects everyone.
         On December 11, 2009 Nathan Key, was tragically killed when a man illegally passed a stopped school bus and kept driving. This excerpt was taken directly from

    "What we have learned since has been deeply troubling. Every school day, thousands upon thousands of cars drive around stopped school buses. In Virginia alone it happens about 600,000 times a year, according to one study. A New York study found that 50,000 times a day drivers didn't stop for a school bus that was letting children on or off. In Mississippi, approximately 3,000 to 5,000 times a day someone passes a stopped school bus illegally. As a result, 17 children -- most of them under age 8 -were killed in 2009 year while getting on or off a school bus, according to a national survey by the Kansas State Department of Education. This madness has to stop. For the sake and safety of other children, we must take action to help prevent this type of event from ever happening again."

    A tragedy such as Nathan's doesn't affect just the family of the victim, it can affect the entire community. 

    The penalties for passing a stopped school bus in the state of Mississippi are as follows:

    • 1st offense: up to $750.00 fine
    • 2nd offense: up to $1,500.00 fine and up to one year jail time
    • If you injure a child there is a statute that states you will face an aggravated assault charge and face up to 20 years in prison. 

    Pay attention to the roadways and don't let a tragedy occur because of impatience.  Let's take the extra step of precaution to protect our Mississippi children. 

    "Nathans Law" - Top 5 Points
    10 ft Buffer Zone – In front and behind bus.
    When approaching a stopped school bus with its RED lights flashing and stop  arm out approaching vehicles should STOP. There should be a 10 feet buffer zone in front of the bus or behind the  bus.
                2.      Violations – Penalties
     1st violation --- $350.00 - $750.00 fine or imprisoned for not more than one year.
     2nd violation --- the offense being committed with a 5 yr. period, the person will be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction be fined $750.00 - $1,500.00, or imprisoned for not more than a year. In addition, the Commissioner of Public Safety , after conviction for a second offense and upon receipt of the court abstract, shall suspend the drivers license and driving privileges of the person for a period of ninety days.


    3.       If the driver of any vehicle is witnessed, by a law enforcement officer or the driver of a school bus , to have violated this section and the identity of the driver of the vehicle is not otherwise apparent, it shall be a rebuttable inference that the  person in  whose name the vehicle is registered committed the violation.


    4.      Something you never get OVER-- caused by  Distractions

                   Cell Phone Usage
                   Loud Music



    5.      Taking the Life of a Child

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