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2017 District Reading Fair Winners Announced

Congratulations 2017 LBSD Reading Fair Winners
      Tuesday night, Long Beach held a ceremony to announce the district-wide reading fair winners.  This year's competition was strong with students in grades Kindergarten through Eighth preparing projects in 10 individual and group categories.
 Reading Fair Award Recipients
     Categories in this year's competition were:
Division A - Kindergarten Narrative Individual         Division F - 6th-8th Grades Narrative Individual
Division B - 1st Grade Narrative Individual              Division H - 3rd-5th Grades Informational Non-Fiction
Division C - 2nd Grade Narrative Individual             Division K - K-2nd Grades Group/Family Narrative
Division D - 3rd Grade Narrative Individual              Division L - 3rd-5th Grades Group/Family Narrative
Division E - 4th-5th Grades Narrative Individual      Division M - 6th-8th Grades Group/Family Narrative
     This year's winners:   
Division A - 1st Place: Merit Winchester (Reeves); 2nd Place: Peyton Reeves (Quarles)
Division B - 1st Place: Beckham Ford (Reeves); 2nd Place: Mayce Beattie (Quarles)
Division C - 1st Place: Arthur Barrera (Reeves); 2nd Place: * Lainie Champagne (Quarles) 
Division D - 1st Place: Dimitri Evans (Reeves); 2nd Place: * Reagan Kolenda (Quarles)
Division E - 1st Place: Savannah Madigan (McCaughan); 2nd Place: DeAsia Williams (McCaughan)
Division F - 1st Place: Jillian Deshamp (McCaughan)
Division H - 1st Place: RJ Hendershot (Reeves); 2nd Place: Elleanna Perry (McCaughan);
                              Honorable Mention: David Marks (Quarles), * Zoey Williams (McCaughan)
         Division K - 1st Place: * Mary Elaina Workman (Quarles); 2nd Place: * Dominic Kraft (Reeves)
Division L - 1st Place: Luke and Nick Dulaney (McCaughan); 2nd Place: Peyton Dedeaux (Reeves);
                     3rd Place: Naomi Schlask (Quarles)
Division M - 1st Place: Henry and Stokley Sawyer (McCaughan)
(* Indicates students who are not pictured above )