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The Registered Nurses at each of our schools work everyday to:
  • Promote and support school attendance  
  • Provide medical care for sick and injured students and staff
  • Provide daily medical care for special needs students and staff
  • Promote health and wellness for our students, staff, and community



Universal Citation: MS Code § 41-79-1 (2013)


The Legislature finds that health problems often are not prevented or detected in early stages because so many of the state's children are not in a health-care system. A school nurse can provide the preventive health services needed to facilitate the student's optimal physical, mental, emotional and social growth and development, as well as to help prevent serious health problems which would be more difficult and costly to address later.




The school nurse's office is not a primary care facility.

The nurse by law is not allowed to make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment, or administer medication without a Doctor's order. First aid and medical care provided by the school nurse are primarily for illnesses or injuries that occur during the school day.

Notify your school nurse immediately if your child has a special health concern.

Long Beach’s Kasey Chappell Selected South Mississippi’s School Nurse of the Year
Long Beach’s Kasey Chappell Selected South Mississippi’s School Nurse of the Year
Long Beach, MS – Long Beach School District is honored to announce Long Beach Middle School’s Nurse, Kasey Chappell, has been selected by the Mississippi School Nurses Association (MSNA) as South Mississippi’s School Nurse of the Year.

“We are very proud of Kasey for earning this well-deserved award,” Assistant Superintendent Lori Price said. “Kasey has a great work ethic and provides the upmost level of care for the students in her school. Her dedication shows not only in her clinic, but in the work she does beyond the clinic walls.”

Chappell works with students throughout the school to promote healthy choices. Promoting no smoking/no drugs campaigns, working with the Mississippi Tobacco-Free Coalition of Harrison County, setting up a teen coalition team, arranging school presentations and helping her school earn a Platinum-level Asthma-Friendly School Award are just a few of the ways she has gone above and beyond for her school.

Long Beach Middle School Assistant Principal Johanna Hughey is grateful to have Chappell at their school.

“We are so fortunate to have Nurse Chappell with us here at Long Beach Middle School,” Hughey said. “She goes above and beyond every day to help keep our students healthy and in school, when possible. She also goes out of her way to keep both students and staff educated on important health issues. It is no surprise to us for her to be named Nurse of the Year. We greatly appreciate all she does for us!“

Chappell is honored to be recognized for doing a job she loves.

“School nurses help keep kids healthy and ready to learn in the classroom. I am thankful Long Beach School District values our students' health by employing school nurses. I have four children in our district and I am thankful for the school nurses at each and every one of their schools,” Chappell said.

Chappell and the other three regional school nurses of the year will receive their awards at the MSNA Conference on June 4, 2020 where one of these nurses will be honored with the title of Mississippi School Nurse of the Year.

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