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Mission Statement

11 months ago

     The mission of the Long Beach School District gifted program is to ensure that intellectually gifted children, as defined by the Mississippi Department of Education, are offered appropriate educational experiences that are qualitatively different from those available in the regular classroom in order to provide opportunities for them to realize their abilities and potential.



     The Long Beach School District, in accordance with the Mississippi Department of Education’s regulations and standards for gifted education programs, is committed to identifying intellectually gifted students and providing a program of enrichment that addresses their unique talents, needs, and learning styles.

     Recognizing the intellectual, emotional, and social needs of gifted students;  as well as their potential for creativity, higher-level thinking, independent learning, and leadership; the program addresses cognitive and affective needs with a curriculum that is qualitatively different from the regular classroom.

Long Beach School District Gifted Program 

about 1 year ago

 Long Beach Association for Gifted Children
The Long Beach Association for Gifted Children is an affiliate organization of the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children. All parents of gifted students, educators and community members are invited to join the organization at a membership fee of $5.00 per year.
Please join us for our next meeting

Date:  Tuesday, April 16th, 2019
Time:  6:30
Reeves Elementary Cafeteria
Program:  A Discovery Showcase
Students from Quarles, Reeves, and Harper McCaughan will showcase projects and activities they have done throughout the year. 
 We hope you will be able to join us for this end of year showcase event!


SECRETARY: Heather and Lenny Sawyer
TREASURER: Lori Cripple

Long Beach Gifted Program Advisory Board
The Long Beach School District Advisory Board includes parents of gifted students, gifted students, regular classroom and teachers of the gifted, administrators, community members, and former gifted students and parents.
The group typically meets twice yearly to review gifted program evaluations and goals. The group is extremely valuable to the gifted program as we strive to have input from all stakeholders.
If you are interested in serving on the LBSD Gifted Advisory Board, contact Carol Paola at

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