LBMS Basketball

11 days ago

Payton Tillman

LBMS Head Basketball Coach

I have had the privilege to help students unlock their personal potential as athletes and young adults going on year number six. Within those six years, I have made three high school state championship appearances as well as clinched one middle school conference championship. As a full-time job as a teacher, I get to touch many lives of students not only in the classroom but also as a softball, basketball, and volleyball coach. My players educational and athletic experience has unparalleled longevity and I want to be just a small part of making it a positive one.

Chase Curlee

LBMS Assistant Girls Basketball Coach

My guiding philosophy is to show up with commitment and leave with nothing left to give. I required this of my players, my coaching staff, and myself. We have the privilege to coach the best STUDENT athletes at Long Beach School District and I take pride in working with them to develop all aspects of the game of basketball, their academics, and most importantly their character.