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3 months ago

Brandy Zink

LBHS Cheer Head Coach

I started my Bearcat cheer career when I moved to Long Beach in the 3rd grade and became a "pee wee" Bearcat cheerleader. I then cheered at LBMS and LBHS. In 2005 I returned to LBMS but  as a coach. In 2015 I transferred to  LBHS and took over the high school squad. I believe that cheerleaders are often thought of as "filler" or "lagniappe", but I can attest to the blood, sweat, and tears that go into being a game day squad who can also compete at the state and national level while amassing a minimum of 20 hours of community service a year. I know that they make it look easy, but that doesn't mean it is!

Brandi Milner Clay

LBHS Assistant Cheer Coach

2023 Roster

2023 Roster