LBHS Bowling

4 months ago

Melanie Hymel

LBHS Head Bowling Coach

Melanie Hymel is in her 19th year of coaching and teaching, currently serving as a Special Education Teacher at Harper McCaughan Elementary and as Long Beach High School’s Head Bowling Coach and Assistant Volleyball Coach. 

Coach Hymel started the bowling program at LBHS 6 years ago. The girls and boys’ bowling teams have each made state appearances over the course of the first four years of the program, with the LBHS Girls’ Bowling Team earning their first ever State Championship during the 2021-22 season. 

2021-2022 Bowling team
bowling champs
2020-2021 bowling teams
2023-2024 Roster/October Tryouts

2023-2024: Tentative LBHS Bowling Team

*All athletes listed will bowl at least 12 games this summer and those names in italics will try out again in October for the Final Roster!


12th - Jacob Badeaux

12th - Thomas Gately

7th - Ethan Hester

11th - Jacob Lassabe

7th - Jake Blackhurst

12th - Alex Nash

12th - Joshua Norra

9th - Clifton Scheid

10th - Tucker Myers


12th - Maddy Badeaux

10th - Reagan Kolenda

9th - Natalie Mills

10th - Kathryn Ogilvie

11th - Marlie Rath

12th - Rebekah Rygh

9th - Ivy Sprinkle

12th - Lilly Sprinkle

7th - Emma Watkins

9th - Halie Whited

11th - Lily Yarbrough

Coach Hymel