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    ABC Toon Center: characters – Kat, Hoot, and Scoot – are featured in stories, games, and movies. A teacher’s link is provided to provide information about each game and story. 


    A to Z Teacher Stuff: a site designed to help teachers find online lesson plans and resources more quickly and easily. Here you can find thematic units, lesson plans, printables, teacher-submitted tips, articles, and even a store.


    A Treasure Chest of Educational Resources: a compilation of Mississippi and educationally related websites compiled by the MDE Web Managers.


    A World of Kindergartens: the information found at this site comes from early childhood, preschool, kindergarten, and primary teachers. Ideas can be located through an alphabetical index (N for numbers, nutrition, nursery rhymes, etc., S for safety, scarecrows, shapes, etc.).


    Allen County Public Library: great links to other children’s sites and children’s literature sites, including "100 Books that Shaped the Century.


    AltaVista: a true search engine to search the world wide web.


    American Library Association: wonderful websites for kids and adults. Provides parents, librarians, and teachers recommendations for outstanding quality books for use by young children.


    An American Thanksgiving: a fun site which opens by playing the song "We Gather Together." Lots of fun games, songs, thanksgiving clipart, information, and links.


    Berenstain Bears: the official site of the Berenstain Bears allows users to send e-mails of each of the popular characters. A number of games based on Berenstain Bear Country fill this site.


    Berit’s Best: loads of coloring sheets to go with any unit or fit in with any occasion. Visit Berit’s Homepage for additional links for parents and educators alike.


    Billy Bear’s Playground: explore the wide variety of age-appropriate mathematics games, lessons, and links.


    Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature Site: a wonderful collection of reviews of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom, and collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes, and professional topics.


    Chalkboard: a site developed by an early childhood educator currently teaching in the Head Start program. It is organized by links to various themes, including a math/science link, a link to Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and one to rhymes and fingerplays.


    Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center: gives students and teachers access to gorgeous pictures and great education materials. The education page contains links to classroom-ready activities, interactive games, printable materials, ask an astrophysicist and much more.


    Cooking with Young Children: this early childhood site is devoted to cooking with young children. These easy recipes, including the no-heating kind, are fun and help teach children measurement and other math skills.


    Cows, Cows, Cows: this web site will tell you everything you wanted to know about a dairy farm – and more. Games, recipes, a virtual tour of a dairy farm, and "What’s the Cow Thinking" contest are just some of the activities accessible from this site.


    Crayola: a good all-round website featuring sections for educators, parents, and kids. Find new ideas for art projects, thematic unit information, and games.


    Curious George: a must see for Curious George fans. Filled with games, activities, information about the authors, and even a Curious George shop.


    Dinosaur Gallery: dinosaur pictures, photos of dinosaur digs, dinosaur art, and more. Also features links to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and Berkely Paleontology Museum.


    Disney Online: neat site for kids, featuring games, interactive books, and music. Took a long time to load on my computer, but should be faster on a T1 line.


    Dowslane: lots of links to kindergarten web sites. Good for thematic unit resource.


    Early Childhood.com: this site provides information for all who share an interest in improving the education and general life experience of young children. It's a place for getting advice from experts in the early childhood field, expanding your collection of creative projects, and sharing ideas and questions with the early childhood community.


    Early Connections: provides information and resources for educators and care providers concerning technology and the way children learn.


    EduFly: a large on-line database of educational web sites. Infinite number of links to educational sites. Select area of interest by grade level or subject area. Fantastic!!!


    Eduhound: an educational directory of more than 20,000 pre-screened links in over 50 categories specifically focused on serving k-12 education. I loved this site!!! Also has a section with cool clip art for kids.


    Eisenhower National Clearinghouse: this is an amazing resource. Its search engine is the gateway to a wealth of knowledge in mathematics and science for elementary classrooms. One drawback, however, is that I could not find a place to narrow my search to kindergarten only.


    EPA Explorer’s Club: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) site featuring games, coloring book pages, and ways to introduce children to protecting the environment in an age-appropriate way.


    Funschool: free interactive games. Great for kindergarteners.


    Gardening Ideas for the Classroom: ideas and activities for teachers to take gar dening beyond planting a seed in a plastic cup. Great links to other lesson plan sites as well.


    Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM): provides teachers, parents, and administrators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources and materials, including lesson plans, activities and projects, found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites.


    Global Show-n-Tell: an online art gallery for kids to exhibit their work from around the world. Also has links to other "safe for kids" sites.


    Google: a true search engine to locate information on virtually any topic.


    Hello in Many Languages: this is an interesting place to begin research on multiculturalism and its various themes. Here you can learn how to say several words and phrases in hundreds of different languages.


    Help for Educators Who Advance Technology: provides a ready-made power point presentation to help school leaders address audiences who question why students should have computers in their classrooms.


    Hoxie High School: a unique sight created and maintained by the technology department at Hoxie High School in Hoxie, Kansas. Good place to go to find clip art, on-line games, and more.


    Instructor Magazine: includes strategies for integrating the curriculum, professional development, and ready-to-use units for specific grade levels including K-1; text of selected articles.


    Just for Teachers: up-to-date information on important issues and new legislation. including the new accountability system, assessment, professional development and curriculum, as well as current news and events, frequently asked questions, and links to resources for professional and classroom uses.


    Kaleidoscope: a fun site to make kaleidoscope drawings.


    Kids Click: a web search for kids by librarians. Great site to use when looking for additional unit related information.


    Kids Domain: features kid’s software reviews, holiday crafts and activities, clip art, contests, crafts, downloads, school activities and skill aids, games, and a special page for grownups.


    KidSource Online: an excellent resource site that offers lots of practical ideas to help parents and teachers help children become lifelong learners in the area of mathematics. The teaching ideas show everyday activities in a mathematics context. (Also check out their home page, which is loaded with additional links and resources.)


    Kindergarten Internet Curriculum Links: this site is an online newsletter written by kindergarten teachers. It is full of ideas, activities, lesson plans, and games for the classroom.


    Kindle Park: a learning playground for children ages 3-6 with a developmentally appropriate program of activities, electronic books, videos, and learning games. Must be a member/buy a membership.


    Learning Numbers Through Play Activities: created by an organization in England, this site has some interesting resources for early childhood teachers. This particular page offers activities in four skill areas to help with number recognition.


    Learning Planet: a treasure-chest of interactive learning activities, online games, and printable worksheets designed for homeschool and individual classroom use.


    Lesson Planz: a searchable directory of free online lesson plans and lesson plan resources for all grades and subjects.


    Li’l Fingers: although designed especially for toddlers and pre-schoolers, kindergarteners will enjoy the activities and storybooks on this site as well.


    Long Beach School District: my school’s web page.


    MarcoPolo: provides no-cost, standards-based Internet content for the k-12 teacher and classroom. Online resources include links to top sites in many disciplines, lesson plans, classroom activities, and powerful search engines.


    Mississippi House of Representatives, and more.


    Mississippi’s Official Website: features information on tourism, state parks, cultural events, and more.


    More Shareware and Freeware: another site to find shareware. Some games include Candyland, Fun School 7, and Junior Net 3.


    NASA: A Space Library: a virtual library of space information, including an awe-inspiring Solar System Simulator that allows you to decide where you are "standing" to view something else in the solar system. COOL site!


    NASA’s Planetary Photojournal: NASA’s search engine for pictures of the solar system that allows you to locate pictures of specific planets and tells you which spacecraft or instrument photographed each image.


    National Center for Early Development and Learning: NCEDL is a national early childhood research project supported by the US Dept. of Education’s Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Its mission is to identify and study issues of national significance to young children and their families and to disseminate that information to researchers, practicing professionals, and families. This site contains products, research, press releases, newsletters, and other resources pertaining to the goals and mission of the organization.


    Nick Jr.: find online games using Nick Jr.’s preschool programming lineup. Use these online activities for impromptu guessing games, or follow along with the television shows that many children already know and love. Lots of possibilities, but the games took a long time to load on my computer.


    Not Just for Kids: a site that’s for families and kids of all ages. Features silly poems, stories, songs, music, and a multicultural page.


    O. Orkin Insect Zoo: part of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. Take the virtual tour around the insect zoo, then explore links to other parts of the museum (including dinosaurs and the hall of bones).


    Pearl River County Mississippi Government Links: connect directly to any number of government offices, including Governor Ronnie Musgrove, Lt.Gov. Amy Tuck, Mississippi House of Representatives, and more.


    Pitara for Kids: a well-rounded resource for early childhood educators to use in their classrooms. Lots of craft ideas, games, puzzles, and information. Unfortunately some of the links can’t be found.


    Preschool Power: free year-round themes, tips, resources, and learning center ideas for parents and educators of young children.


    Preschool Teacher: this site was created by a preschool teacher who has compiled a wide variety of ideas in practically every subject area taught in early childhood classrooms. It also features three chat rooms. Although geared to preschool, I did find several good ideas to use in my kindergarten class.


    Primary Games: features educational matching games. Great site for online interactive games.


    ProQuest: search for articles in newspapers, periodicals, and academic journals.


    Punky’s Childcare Connection: although aimed at preschoolers and preschool teachers, this site has some good ideas that can be adapted for use in my kindergarten class.


    Resource Guide for Science Fair Projects: guides students (as well as parents and teachers!) through the necessary steps to successfully complete a science experiment. Great suggestions for science fair projects.


    RubiStar: a tool to help teachers create rubrics or customize ready-made rubrics.


    Safe Web Sites Links for Kids: some links include The Berenstein Bears Official Page, an Electronic Zoo, the Page at Pooh Corner, and even Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.


    Scholastic: …"the place where children love to learn and learn to grow"; links for families, kids, and teachers.


    Science Made Simple: science projects for children; science help for parents.


    Sea World/Busch Gardens Information Database: Includes an Animal Information Database; opportunities to learn about marine science; and Teachers' Guides for grades K-3, 4-8, and 9-12. Drawback: most of the teachers’ guides for K-2 are PDF format.


    Sesame Street: visit the Sesame Street Workshop site to find loads of activities involving Sesame Street characters to reinforce reading and math readiness skills. Also has a section with activity suggestions for parents.


    Seussville Games: neat educational games based on Dr. Seuss books.


    Shareware and Freeware: this site researches and pulls together relevant information about freeware that can be used in early childhood classrooms or homes. Good site to pass along to parents as well.


    Shell World’s Cyber Island: offers a wonderful array of seashell photographs. It also sells shells.


    Sounds of the World’s Animals: has animal photos and presents the animals sounds as they are interpreted in a variety of languages. Learn how people who speak other languages bark, meow, moo, etc.


    Surfing the Net with Kids: the best of the web for kids, reviewed by nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Barbara J. Feldman. Each weekly column features five fabulous web sites.


    Switcheroo Zoo: a fun site where children can create their own animals – the kind that you’d NEVER find in a zoo!


    Teacher Exchange: Mississippi classroom teachers maintain the TeacherExchange website to provide educational resources for teachers. Lesson Plans, WebQuests, How To section, Technology Evaluation tool, Ask an expert, etc. are some of the available resources.


    Teacher Resources: this site features links to hundreds of educational websites.


    TeacherVision: a site created by teachers for teachers, providing a lesson planning center, teacher tools to help save time, get organized, and communicate more effectively with parents, and resources for classroom management, professional development, or special interest areas.


    Teachers Helping Teachers: this site is by teachers for teachers, to provide teaching tips to inexperienced teachers, to provide ideas that can be used immediately in the classroom, and to provide new methodology ideas for all teachers.


    The Children’s Literature Web Guide: links to specialized sites for individual authors, publishers, and topics of children’s literature.


    The Electronic Zoo: visit a real zoo, get answers about a sick pet, or read about animals of all shapes and sizes. You can also read an online magazine and check out the latest news on your favorite animal.


    The Incredible Art Department: visit art rooms in schools and see art submitted by students. Find useful lesson plans and art jobs links.


    The Internet Road Starts Here: a great place to go to find lesson plans or class projects. This site lets you choose a category and view that site, along with links to other sites.


    The Life of Abraham Lincoln: a wonderful site constructed by a first grade class! What an inspiration! A definite must-see. Learn interesting facts about our 16th president while viewing original first-grade artwork.


    The Mailbox: a place where great teachers find great ideas.


    The Project Approach: this site is about the Project Approach, which involves in-depth study of a topic undertaken by a class, a group, or an individual child. It includes a discussion of what projects are, an outline of how to conduct a project, and examples several projects. Great ideas to use in my class.


    The Solution Site: contains K-12 lesson plans that give students the chance to participate in their own learning.


    The Yellow Pages for Search Engines: an extensive list of search engines.


    ThinkQuest: a library containing unique educational web sites. Built by kids for kids to use and learn.


    Time for Teletubbies: this site provides many opportunities for early learning in mathematics as children put together the shapes in a virtual jigsaw puzzle and play simple games at the Teletubbies Playground. This site would be most appealing to very young children.


    UNICEF Voices of Youth Home Page: join others in discussing the protection of children’s rights and learn about global issues affecting our children. Choose one of three discussion rooms: The Meeting Place, The Learning Place, and The Teacher’s Place.


    U.S. Department of Education: look for latest developments in education, information for parents, teachers, principals, and other administrators, links to sites for grants, financial aid, policies, and current research.


    Virtual Field Trips: provides a wide range of field trips on nature topics, such as rainforests, endangered species, salt marshes, volcanoes, and more. Also provides teacher’s objectives and resources for each trip, as well as lesson plans.


    Virtual Whales: multimedia site that offers sound clips and movies of whales. It takes a long time to load.


    Welcome to Bry-Back Manor: this site features games designed for young or developmentally challenged children who cannot read. The games can be downloaded and are free – if you have a Macintosh computer. Oh well. Some of the other activities still make this site worth visiting again.


    Whales on the Net: information, photographs, and links for all kinds of whales. This site takes a long time to load.


    www4teachers: this site is designed for teachers using technology in the classroom. The site contains interviews with teachers and students who have used technology successfully in the classroom, keynote articles by leaders in educational technology, articles by teachers who have done innovative work related to educational technology, and sample lessons using the Web in the classroom.


Last Modified on November 29, 2012