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    Mission Statement

    To keep pace with the rapidly changing world, LBSD will build and maintain technology environments that meet the on-going, 21st-century learning needs of all students, and provide the resources necessary to sustain the growth of technology systems, devices, and tools required for impactful, efficient and effective student learning and district operations.

    Technology Objectives

    • Ensure equitable access to technology for all students
    • Deliver the right data to the right people at the right time
    • Provide training and instructional support to help schools meet the on-going, 21st-century learning needs of their students and staff
    • Provide seamless, integrated enterprise business systems that support efficient, effective support services and provide information required for performance measurement and continuous improvement.
    • Ensure technology infrastructure meets the ongoing instructional and operational needs of schools and departments



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Last Modified on February 9, 2018